Calendar 2017 Calendar List

2017 Calendar

Calendar 2017 Calendar – In this occasion we will share a new and updated version of the calendar. We know that many of you (including ourselves) want the designer to work, so we can not bear to give this new one and some distance to the layout. They are still planners on the daily to-do list, that does not change, but we add new sections to the top.

In addition to the colors and fonts, the only real change takes place at the top of the page. We add a place to focus everyday. It’s something new that we’ve experimented with, and we feel very helpful in making sure our day is set up in a way that will really work for us.

A few days, our focus may be like chasing homework, next time we might use the place to write something encouraging like “not necessarily perfect, it just has to be done.” We found that our daily focus really helped compile our task list in a way that suits that purpose, rather than against it. This is all we have input into Calendar 2017 Calendarm list.

We love being able to share our tasks with priority. It forces us to think about what matters most and also helps to remind us that we can not do everything, or maybe more accurately, we should not feel compelled to do it all. On the right side there is a very helpful section for planning something by type of task.

Worries for Other Days is our favorite part of this list planner. Having a place to acknowledge that sometimes we need to get rid of everything is a great tool. We tend to feel completely guilty when we do not finish everything, but we’ve found that having this section allows us to plan what can be delayed until tomorrow. At the end of the day, we cut calendars section Calendar 2017 Calendar planner and put it into our planner, so we know to schedule other items.


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